Published May 7, 2020

Dr. Goldstein offered up a perspective on reopening after Covid at NYU Langone. Medicine doesn't stop in times of health crisis. In fact, it's more important. See this article published in Orthospine News.

“At NYU Langone Health we are presently taking care of patients who require medically necessary surgery that can no longer be delayed. Getting back to orthopedics all of our faculty, house staff, nurses, staff and company representatives all require COVID testing. All patients are also tested before surgery. People entering the hospital are questioned about symptoms and temperatures are taken. Patients who are undergoing surgery require a negative test prior to surgery.  If they are asymptomatic but COVID positive then surgery is delayed two weeks if medically appropriate, when it is anticipated that there will be no live viral shedding.  All COVID positive patients also obtain D-Dimers to evaluate the potential risk for thromboembolic disease. Specific protocols are in place for prophylaxis for these patients.”

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