Meet Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein

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Dr. Goldstein is a pioneer in the field of spine surgery, with an expertise that includes degenerative diseases, deformity, trauma, tumors, and infections, as well as newer minimally invasive approaches and disc replacement. He is dedicated to learning and utilizing new and cutting edge techniques that better the lives of people with back pain. His special surgical interests include Spinal Surgery, Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Spinal Disc Replacement, Stenosis, Scoliosis, Reconstructive Spine Surgery and anything related to the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

Transcript :

My name is Jeff Goldstein. I'm an orthopedic spine surgeon and chief of the spine service for education as a spine surgeon.

I treat all conditions related to the spine from the neck or the cervical spine down to the low back or the lumbar spine.

The most recent advances in orthopedic spine surgery that I've had the privilege of being involved in include artificial disc replacement of both the neck in the back and also minimally invasive spine surgery.

We've had the opportunity to offer this treatment to patients from the New York area but also from patients from around the world.

In addition, we've had the opportunity to have surgeons from around the world come to train with us so they can bring this expertise back to their patients in their own part of the country or their own part of the world.

I've had to do research in artificial disc replacement in both the neck and the lower back which has really been very satisfying to me.

I've seen our patients have had really excellent results and the opportunity to get back to their activities of daily living, to be back with their families and preserve motion where in the past we've been able to offer only fusions.

Fusions still have their place; there are many patients that benefit from a motion preservation procedure and while NYU Langone Medical Center is now involved in tracking patient outcomes through a collaboration with the NIH, it's not just a matter of a patient saying that they feel great or us telling them that.

What is the most gratifying part of being a doctor just a matter of a patient saying that they feel great or us telling them that they feel great we have the opportunity to track how well they're doing and really demonstrate that we're having a positive effect in our patients lives I'd have to say the most gratifying part about being a doctor is really having the patient come back after their surgery and just saying thank you it's it's very it's a very moving experience when the patient comes back and says you know you gave me my life back or I'm able to do things now I wasn't able to do before.