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Dr. Goldstein participates in many managed care health insurance plans. In addition, we also accept Medicare, private commercial insurance, Workers Compensation and No-Fault Cases.  In situations where our providers are not par with your plan we will coordinate use of any out of network benefits which may be available to you and provide documentation which you may submit to your carrier.

Insurance participation is subject to change and may not be accepted at all office locations. Please confirm your insurance status prior to each visit with Dr. Goldstein.

At the time of your visit you are responsible for payment including any co-payment as determined by your individual insurance carrier.  Our office will submit your claims on your behalf for office visits, treatments and surgery.

Patients Visiting New York (including International patients)

Dr. Goldstein's fees include only the medical services directly provided by him. If you require assistance in understanding other fees that may be applicable, please contact Dr. Goldstein's office.