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The Woolworth Building
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Patient Disclosure: Consulting Agreements with Spine Companies

Dr. Goldstein has been active in his career with research and development of new implants and improved surgical instruments and techniques. As part of this work, he has worked under contract with orthopaedic companies, providing consulting services on new products and input on research and development. In addition, Dr. Goldstein has given instructional lectures on implants and surgical techniques for other doctors and medical personnel. In return for this time and expertise, Dr. Goldstein has been paid a consulting fee.

Currently, Dr. Goldstein is a paid consultant to or investor in several spine companies.

Dr. Goldstein uses products from these companies in the care of patients, but also uses similar products from other implant manufacturers. We want to assure you that the selection of which product to use in your care – and the care of all of our patients – is based only on what is best for the patient, not on which company makes the product.

I am a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, (AAOS) which holds its members to extremely high ethical standards to ensure that even the appearance of a conflict of interest does not jeopardize the trust that patients place in our doctors.

AAOS has adopted Standards of Professionalism that require orthopaedic surgeon members to identify and disclose potential conflicts of interest to their patients, the public, and colleagues. These Standards also clearly articulate how and under what circumstances AAOS members may work with and be compensated by industry, as well as the penalties for failure to comply.

You can learn more about these Standards of Professionalism at the AAOS website:

It is important to Dr. Goldstein that you are aware of these relationships with implant manufacturers, that his practice puts the interests of patients first, and that we are available to answer any questions that you may have.

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Dr. Goldstein is recognized as one of the leading spine surgeons in New York. His expertise is sought by television, media, and magazines. His practice is focused on surgical treatment:

2017 New York Magazine Best DoctorsDr. Jeffrey Goldstein was recognized again in 2017 as one of America's Top Doctors .

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Spine Surgery in New York

Dr. Goldstein serves as Director of the Spine Service at NYU Langone Medical Center Hospital for Joint Diseases.
Hospital for Joint DiseaseHospital for Joint Disease

Patients from around the world travel to New York for the most advanced medical care. New York offers unrivalled facilities, accommodation, and infrastructure.

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